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Lend Post appears to be Scammer Heaven

by Sandra Felty| Posted on September 11th, 2016| Views 471

I posted a loan request. I am not one of the "need money and won't be able to pay it back" type of sob stories. Just trying to find a 5000.00 loan for less than 30 days.

Without exception, every single response I received was from someone hoping to scam me. Their grammar is atrocious- it is obvious that they are not who they claim to be. One told me he was from the "city of Florida". They have asked for fees ranging from $45 to $850 to either insure the loan, secure the loan, pay their attorney to draft the contract, register the loan, transfer the funds... You name it, and they have claimed it. Others have asked for my bank login information including my password and security question answers. They claimed that they have had problems with people claimimg that they didn't receive funds and refusing to pay them, so they need to log in and verify that I got the money. 

Does anyone actually fall for this shit? I hope not, but some must or why would they waste their time. Now I know the pattern, if a guy has 2 first names instead on a first name and last name- he is fake, and not an American so he doesn't know which name would be a first name, so he uses two. Also if someone formally introduces themself, and they give their last name first, it's a giveaway that they are not from here. If their response invoked God, or talks about money laundering and terrorism then they are not real. Also if anyone writes me out of the blue, just to tell me about the good experience they had with some lender it's obviously fake... I mean who does that, right??


if anyone has had a good experience on here it would be nice to know. It doesn't look to me like anyone, anywhere has ever arranged an actual transaction using this site.




Posted on:September 11th, 2016
Author:Sandra Felty