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New to the site wondering the best way to find lenders

by melissa mcguire| Posted on June 1st, 2017| Views 193| Print| Report Abuse

Hello All,

I'm brand new to the site and to the lending industry.  I've been tasked with the job of find clients looking to fund multifamily propertys 5 units and more 1 million and up.  However in researching that I found a HUGH area that has been completely over looked by lenders.  In california you'd be hard pressed to find a multifamily 5 units and more that doesn't hit that 1 million mark,  However in say the midwest and back east it's alot harder to find multifamily that are above that 1 million dollar mark. There are some many of these smaller balance loans that are having a problem finding a lender.  I would like to help change that. Does anyone have any advice.  It would be so super appreciative of any help or suggestipn anyone could offer I surely would appreciale it.  Please email me at the address below.  Thank You for your time

Sincerely Yours

Melissa McGuire 

Posted on:June 1st, 2017