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Jeff Andersen
Jeff Andersen

Abduction Alert Bracelet LLC

Created On: September 25th, 2017

Updated On: December 10th, 2017

Loan Request in Milwaukee, WI

Amount: $350,000

Interest Rate: 5% - 15%

Duration: 5 Years

Down Payment: $0

Category: Business

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I am in Need of a Business Loan / Personal-Private Funding / Time Sensitive- Serious Inquiries Only

Posted on September 25th, 2017| Updated on December 10th, 2017| by Jeff Andersen

I am looking for a personal/private individual funding source who I could obtain immediate capital for business. I am in the process of having 2 advanced technology products being developed for my successful Ecommerce business. I'm in need of $350,000 with a payback of 60 months/ 5 yr with a fixed payment of $7,000 per month which would equate to $420,000 by end of term. I'm able to repay upwards at a level of $10,000 per month at a shorter term. I do need the capital ASAP to execute transactions. Private lending only please, no banking, financial institutions or loan brokers pushing lines of credit. I can authenticate my identity for any legitimate lender who is straight forward with no games. I'm willing to take a smaller amount of $75,000 to start and make repayments to prove credibility and establish relationship, then increase my capital borrowing. I will not pay upfront fee prior to deposit as it can be taken out of proceeds if needed. That is why I would start at a smaller amount as show of good faith to build credibility. Only serious/reputable/ and ethical/verifiable individuals with access to immediate capital appreciated. I will do the same with verification. Scammers do not waste your time or mine. I do need soon as I am behind schedule so if you truly have capital in the bank where you are able to help me and in turn, I could give you a better return, please respond and lets work out an option please. I appreciate any serious funding source out there willing to help. Thanks -Jeff

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