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Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown


Created On: December 29th, 2017

Updated On: December 29th, 2017

Loan Request in Houston, TX

Amount: $88,000

Interest Rate: 10%

Duration: 1 Years

Loan to Value: 58%

Category: Real Estate

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Need a Private Money Lender, serious inquiries only

Posted on December 29th, 2017| Updated on December 29th, 2017| by Jasmine Brown

I have a property that is 70 cents on the dollar, 30+% equity in it but I don't have 20%-30% for down payment. It's a great deal with good rent potential in Houston, TX. Purchase price is $58,000 and the repairs should only take $30,000 to complete. I'm looking for a private lender to fund this deal asap (purchase & rehab). If interested, let me know. I am already approved through a few HM lenders for this deal but would prefer to work with a private money lender.

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