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Brian Mansfield
Brian Mansfield

Company Name Withheld until contact

Created On: January 30th, 2018

Updated On: January 30th, 2018

Loan Request in Vancouver, WA

Amount: $20,000,000

Interest Rate: 7%

Duration: 5 Years

Down Payment: $0

Category: Real Estate

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Real Estate / Business Loan Request

Posted on January 30th, 2018| Updated on January 30th, 2018| by Brian Mansfield

Funding requested:
• $20M USD or $25M CAD lump sum payment (approximate due to Ex-Rate)
• Preferred as a loan, but we are open to discussions on equity arrangements or loan + shares of net revenue.

Why this is a unique opportunity:
• A guaranteed customer (and price) for cannabis produced for the first 7 years of operation to support a very large US (federally approved) contract for medical marijuana - Net revenue from guaranteed cannabis sales alone would pay the full loan amount in less than 18 months.
• A guaranteed lease holder to use part of the premises for a minimum of 7 years at 5.3M USD / year. - This value alone could pay the loan back in full within 4-5 years.
• Assets: Because most of the funding goes toward the purchase of prime agricultural land and improvements, including: state of the art greenhouse and research/manufacturing facilities specifically designed to meet Health Canada licensing and security requirements and to maximize high quality production. The value upon completion is expected to increase to a value far greater than the total value of the loan almost immediately on completion. - In particular as a turn-key growing operation We estimate the value of this property will appreciate to greater than the total loan value shortly after completion.

Note: For additional protection the facility has been designed so that parts of the facility can be leased or sold, while maintaining full lease capabilities and growing operations. (The property incorporates pre-approved subdivisions.)

Re-payment terms:
• To allow for construction of buildings, licensing and adequate cash flow for initial operations and growing, we require a 24 month grace period before loan payback begins.
• Additional payment terms can be reviewed as funding options are discussed.
Loan security:
• Primary - In the form of a lien on the property and facilities.
• Secondary - Irrevocable lease is in place for a portion of the facilities (as mentioned above).

Cannabis income:
• Our income on Cannabis sales is based on greenhouse space, and are very impressive in particular since we have a contract to sell our production. We expect output to doubling from year to year for at least the first 5 years (Starting in year 2 - due to the construction / start-up period.) - Projections are available.

• We have a great and very experienced team of genome scientists, agriculturalists and growers as well as a very strong management team behind this project and are ready to start!
Our contract is with a company who's products have show great promise in several areas of health. Their very large contract is in response to the studies completed to date.

• This isn't just another marijuana grow op. This is a project that aims to do good; in how we work, the products that we produce, and what we hope to achieve. We would like to find an investor who would like the same.

As you can see, we have worked very hard to ensure that everything is in place to make this project a success while minimizing risk to investors.

We are good people to work with, so please contact me if you have any questions.

• Project overview, property information, contracts and cash flow statements are available to qualified investors and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.
• This is a Canadian Investment, but we are open to inquiries from other countries.
• Please note that some of the terms outlined on the form are to fulfill requirements from the webpage (eg: State). If you're interested, we can discuss Interest Rates payment schedules etc once we have made contact.

Kind Regards,
Brian Mansfield

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