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Created by John Frammosa on August 4th, 2017

231 Capital LLC
FIX & FLIP BUSINESS PURPOSE LENDING PROGRAM -100% project cost! -70% ARV! -100% of construction budget! -6-12 months Interest only! -10% borrower contribution! -Only pay interest on Construction funds drawn Also Purchase and rehab Spec construction/1st lien 100k and up most states.
For those looking for hard money/fast acquisition of most types of commercial Real Estate in NYC and surrounding Boroughs, we have access to a great program. 8% and 2 pts. 65 LTV 12 Month interest only bridge .This program may not last forever so now is the time to move. Please contact for details .
Were Looking for entitled shovel ready land projects 2 million and above for debt and equity financing, even JV. Commercial, Master developments ,PUD and retail, USA Primary and Secondary MSA'S. We seek experienced Sponsors/developers with clear exit and 15% equity/skin.
231 CAPITAL can arrange small balance funding $250K-$2MM Purchase, Cash Out, Refinance 5-Year and 7-Year Hybrid 6-9% Amortization: 20, 25, 30 Min. Middle Credit Score: 650 Top MSAs WS Journal Prime Rate Property Types : Multifamily and Mixed-Use Mixed-Use (Commercial), Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Self-Storage, Warehouse ,Automotive, Mobile Home Park,, Restaurant, Bar Prepayment 5% For First 3 Years based on LTV, term, amortization, property type, and credit


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John Frammosa

Create At: August 4th, 2017

Updated At: August 4th, 2017

Amount: $200

Interest Rate: 8% - 13%

Duration: 1 Years

Category: Real Estate